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Sponsors for the 2012 race season

Without the help of the following companies, we would not be where we are today.
Please take a moment and visit their site by clicking on their logo.

We came to Josh@Deeds Performance with a unique requirement for an Air/Water Intercooler. Josh was able to work with what we needed and supplied everything . Josh is also at every single race, and has saved our butts in more than one last minute occasion.
Deeds logo
Anyone who knows anything about turbochargers, knows the name Precision Turbo. When I talked with Joe this year and he said he was willing to help. I knew I was in good hands.
Precision logo
Norcal1320 is the premier Northern California Drag Racing message board. If you need technical help, have a part to sell, or want to meet up with some fellow drag enthusiasts in your area.
1320 logo
TheBatteryStore knows the demands that headsup racing places on the electrical system of a high performance vehicle. They have supplied us with a complete 16V system, including Lightweight battery, 160 Amp Alternator, lightweight starter, and 16v Charger to keep our electrical system in running in tip top performance this 2011 season.
Dads logo
Donny from DadsCustomIntercooltank had just what we needed to keep out transmission temperatures in check. He built us a custom liquid transmission cooler.
Dads logo
Matt from AnvilAuto has the simply best Carbon Fiber products that are available for early model Camaros. It was a no brainer to go with Anvil for the best quality carbon fiber products that are on the market today.
Anvil logo