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Building the 5" downpipe

So where are we at now...........

We are building the engine, intake manifold is complete, elbow is built.
Intercooler is done and mounted, turbo is mounted, headers are built, crossover is done.

Ahh time for the downpipe.....

So the turbo has a 5" outlet so I wanted to keep that for a while and not restrict it down so quickly.
I figure if they made it with a 5" outlet, there is a reason for it.

So I purchased some bulk 5" tubing and 90* elbows and went to town.

I first start with a piece that had a slight maybe 10-15* bend in it, and tacked it to the vband on the output side of the turbo.

Here is the jack holding up the other mating pipe.

Here is the pipe tacked up.

Here is a view looking into the fender showing the route of the downpipe.

It was hard to get it to clear the hood springs, tire and suspension travel, but I got it

Here is the pic of the downpipe out of the car.
The tab is for support against the frame, so the downpipe is supported.
The path the exhaust takes is it starts on the outside of the frame, going straight towards the firewall,
then 90* towards the ground, then 90* in towards the engine, then 90* more towards the rear of the car.

So I ground down all the welds so when i had it ceramic coated it would look smoother and that worked out really well.