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Mounting the turbo and crossover pipe

Now to figure a way to mount the this big 83# turbo.I didnt want to support it off the headers, and have the g forces stressing out the stainless headers....

So I came up with this idea.....

Basically the turbo is 100% supported weight wise on this 1/4 steel bracket that is welded to the frame in a U shape.
I can remove all of the piping and the turbo stays supported in the car... kinda ingenious if you ask me.

Now time to make a crossover for the headers to merge into the turbo.
This was actually the easiest part of the whole process..

Weld the pipes up and smooth the transition up... I spent over 2 hours porting this section.

This hole is for the wastegate.
Add some v band flanges for quick removal.