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Building EFI Intake Manifold

So now I had to figure out what to do for an intake manifold.

Only one company at the time (their might be more now) made an off
the shelf efi intake, it was made by edelbrock, and it was based off a
victor intake, which I thought would limit my hp cause of the older style intake.

So I bought a Super victor intake.

Some fuel rails, and some fuel rail bungs

Now just to figure out how to get it all installed.

I sent it off to a guy back east, and he proceeded to do all the modifications to the intake and to build me an elbow also.

Here is the intake on the mill getting the holes for the bungs drilled

Right before welding

Right after welding

Now to mount the fuel rails

Pic of the elbow that points towards the driver side headlamp at a 45* angle

Pic with injectors

Inside shot of the runner

Intake meet engine