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Building The Intercooler

So as I assemble the engine, I relize I need to construct an intercooling system

So going back and forth between air to air and air to water, I decide to go with an air-air as I actually plan on road driving the car, and the extra weight and plumbing and tubing is not worth it to me at this point.

So I pick up the precision catalog and look up their biggest intercooler core they offer, and I start to measure....... yup it SHOUUUUUULD fit, it will be close though

About 2 weeks later and $700 lighter it arrives

Now lets stick it where it goes and lets see what i have to cut in order to make it fit...

Ok lets put the end tanks on and see if it fits.....
This is pre welding

This is all tacked up

Finished product

Now of course comes the time where it has to fit or I'm going air to water

It fits like a glove!!!

There is clearance when assembled, there is no supports on the front end so its sagging against the intercooler


A look to where the tube goes and passes threw the bumper and fender supports