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Building Turbo Headers

Here is what the car was before i got a brilliant idea

here was the brilliant idea

had to get the exhaust housing coated, didn't want it to rust

then i had to polish the big idea (special thanks to andrewF for the polishing skills)

then it was finished

Nitrous setup would have been way cheaper to keep

so back it into the new garage and take it apart

stick the turbo in and see where it will fit

we played with a lot of options

We planned to put the turbo on the passenger side somewhere,
then we started on the header building, figuring the headers
will be harder to make and we can move the turbo around to mate
to the headers would be easier.

I ordered a chris alstons make your own header kit out of mild steel.
I knew i wanted to use stainless, but i didn't want to be messing up on
expensive stainless tubing so i would make it out of MS and then i can
tweak it and play around to get the design down before messing with the stainless parts

started off pretty easy

making the last tube fit

everything is just tac welded to make it easier to bend or separate

another angle

here is both headers

so after doing that i started with the stainless
you can see the makeshift band saw we used to cut the tubing it actually worked out so well!!

always be careful when working with power tools

table where i made the headers

deburring all the edges

inside and outside

checking clearances since it will be tig welded no gaps

tack tigging the first piece

getting the second pipe ready

fusion welding on the collectors

preparing for the collector to go on, the hardest part of the header construction

let the welding begin

finished product